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Does not parse body, to, cc


Please see the file attached (MIME text). The message is EML attachment in Exchange 2007 journal mailbox.
UPD: sorry, body is parsed. Default body is empty, however I can find it in AlternateViews array, which is correct according to MIME message.
However to, cc, bcc not parsed.
UPD2: sorry again, CC is parsed, however you have copypasted code at line 181 where you parse TO. You do parse it, but assign to CC, so CC contains both TO and CC. Also please add parsing for BCC.
P.S. Can we remove a line with import of System.Linq? This allows to compile it in .NET 2.0 environments.

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Closed Jan 28, 2011 at 10:57 AM by aloneguid
fixed in r55490